41.25 in HIGH x 12.875 in WIDE x .5 in DEEP
(104.77 cm HIGH x 32.70 cm WIDE x 1.27 cm DEEP)
Gift of Crash Anova

Sign shows an image of Jesus in a white robe with a quotation bubble near his mouth saying, "Were we not all created equal?" Below the image are the words "NO on 8." All text and images are black and white. On top of the words "NO on," the word "REPEAL," printed in red, is affixed with tape. A bamboo stick comes out of the bottom of the sign so it can be carried. The back side of the sign is exposed cardboard with clear tape holding the bamboo stick, and blue painter's tape holding the illustrated part of the sign to the cardboard backing. On November 7, 2008, three days after the passage of Proposition 8, a protest march was organized from Civic Center to Dolores Park in San Francisco. The person who designed this sign made copies for his girlfriend and several other friends, and they carried them at anti-Proposition 8 rallies before the election. After the election and the passage of Proposition 8, he added the word "REPEAL," and they continued to use the signs at protests. Sign was collected by Adam Nilsen at the gathering at Dolores Park.

Used: protestor | Social protest | March | Lesbian and Gay Community | San Francisco | Dolores Park

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