13.125 in HIGH x 13.125 in WIDE x 1.75 in DEEP
(33.34 cm HIGH x 33.34 cm WIDE x 4.44 cm DEEP)
Gift of Magnolia Editions, Squeak Carnwath, and Gary Knecht

written in ink (black sharpie) on verso of panel, BL: "1/10 S. Carnwath 2009"

This is a digital print with oil paint on acrylic gesso mixed with modeling paste and marble dust mounted on wood panel. Oil paint is splattered over the print's surface by the artist. The print shows a multicolor pie chart that is divided into sixteen segments that have approximately the same volume. Four colors appear below the chart, each in a roughly circular area. From left to right: black (with drip), green, light blue, and orange (scribbled). The background of the print emulates lined paper.

Provenance: Produced by the artist at Magnolia Editions, Oakland, for exhibition fundraising purposes (2009 Exhibition "Squeak Carnwath: Painting Is No Ordinary Object"). The print is a gift from the artist, Gary Knecht, and Magnolia Editions.

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