History Goes Around
13 in HIGH x 13 in WIDE x 1.75 in DEEP
(33.02 cm HIGH x 33.02 cm WIDE x 4.44 cm DEEP)
Gift of the Art Guild of the Oakland Museum of California

written in ink on verso of panel, BL: "1/10 S. Carnwath 2009"

This is a tal print with oil paint on acrylic gesso mixed with modeling paste and marble dust mounted on wood panel. The composition shows a black vinyl LP record against an off-white background. The record label is red and white with the handwritten words "side one," along with scribbles and dabs of color. An astrological map and the image of a man and a woman hand drawn in classical attire appear on the black record. The artist splattered oil paint over the print surface.

Provenance: Produced by the artist at Magnolia Editions, Oakland, for exhibition fundraising purposes (2009 Exhibition "Squeak Carnwath: Painting Is No Ordinary Object"). The print was a donor gift to the OMCA Art Guild; the work was donated to the OMCA by the Art Guild. The artist explains that she only paints side one of a record, "I never do side two. I feel like you might go around only once. You don't know if you get a second chance. So for me they're about mortality. But they're also nostalgia because we don't use records anymore."

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