Family Circle
11 in HIGH x 8.125 in WIDE x 0.1875 in DEEP
(27.94 cm HIGH x 20.64 cm WIDE x .48 cm DEEP)
Gift of the Grant/Fogarty Family

Magazine, Family Circle, March 1970, Volume 76, Number 3, 20 cents, Special issue, 126 pages. Front cover image: red background with large silver sicssors cutting a gold dollar sign. Front cover text: "March 1970; Family Circle; Special Issue still 20 (cents); cutting the high cost of living; 40 dinner ideas- from 8 (cents) to 51 (cents) a serving; dress like Jackie-on pin money; moneysaving secrets of a smart shopper; surplus bargains from Uncle Sam; High-fashion accessories from low-cost materials; how to make your family nest egg grow; trimming the high cost of hair care". Editors: Arthur M. Hettich, editor; Alvin Grossman, art director; Virginia Colton, executive editor; Jack Taylor, managing editor. One rectangular cardstock coupon to save 5 cents on Betty Crocker frosting, torn on one end.

Used: Lori Fogarty

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