We are all Sacred
30.125 in HIGH x 44.75 in WIDE
(76.52 cm HIGH x 113.66 cm WIDE)
Museum Purchase

BR: "@ Frank LaPena 2001"

Print by Frank La Pena, titled "We are all Sacred," signed and dated 2001. Image shows two figures, on the right is a man with a bow and arrow, on the right is a figure with a big headdress. There is a Native roundhouse to the right, and a dog to the left of them. In the background are two snow capped mountains and a full moon. The main subject of the print is the sacred mountain, Shasta, which neighboring tribes such as the Wintu, Wintu, Modoc, Shasta, and Klamath River people held as sacred. There is scattered writing all over the print, some in English, some in a Native language. Frank LaPena is from the Nomtipon band of Wintu from Northen Central California. The print was purchased by the Museum from Rutgers University art and print center, the Brodsky Center. Mr. LaPena, now retired as professor from Sacramento State University, was an artist-in-residence at Rutgers. PCK
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