Obama '08, Presidential Ale
11.25 in HIGH
(28.57 cm HIGH)
Gift of the Peterson family


Brown glass bottle, with (replaced) gold colored metal cap, and multi colored printed paper label. Printed in red letter on a bright yellow background at the top of the label is "Mavericks", just below that is an image of a large, breaking wave. On the proper right side is a photographic image of Barack Obama and the phrase "Time for Change." Directly under the wave is Obama's red, white and blue circular logo and the words "Obama '08, Presidential Ale." "Congratulations to Barack Obama, our 44th President of the United States, so honored by this limited edition bottling of Harbor Light Ale. Logo of the Half Moon Bay Brewing Company is below and slight to the proper right of President Obama's image. "Mavericks alection winner!" "Brewed and bottled by Half Moon Bay Brewing Company, Princeton-by-the-Sea, CA." "ALC 4.8% by vol." "www.hmbbrewingco.com...1Pt.6Fl.Oz."

This bottle of ale/beer was purchased at BevMo in December of 2008. (A slightly dented gold colored metal cap was replaced on the top of the bottle after the contents were consumed.

Used: drinking

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