c. 1975
Gift of Mary Ann Benson

White Duck Workshop, Berkeley

This medium green corduroy jumper was made by the White Duck Workship in Berkeley. It has a scooped neck in front, and the sides are open lower than the natural waist. Both the sides (going over the shoulders), and the neckline are piped (set in about one hald inch) in brown corduroy. There are two ties set in at the waist, on the inside, made of black bias tape, with a small knot at the end. (They were used to tie the garment close to the body.) The skirt is made in four pieces. Appliqued on the bodice front are two poppies of rust colored fabric. The stem is of dark brown corduroy, and the leaves are of brown corduroy. Using the same color combination, a single poppy is appliqued on the back of the bodice. The White Duck label is set in at the inside of the bodice back, near the nape.

Mary Ann Benson taught music at three different schools in the Piedmont School District. She chose this garment in particular because it has some decoration on the back. Audiences usually see the music teach from the back (because she is conducting the students). She liked the idea of something decorative on her back.

Used: Mary Ann Benson | Piedmont | Teaching ~ music

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