2.125 in HIGH x 3.375 in WIDE
(5.40 cm HIGH x 8.57 cm WIDE)
Gift of Martha Guadalupe

Front side of card, which has a black background, shows the word "INTERNATIONAL" on top and the price "$5" in the lower left and right-hand corners. In the center is an aerial image of the earth, with Northern Africa, Europe, and the Middle East most visible. Surrounding the earth image are the words "AFRICA," "MIDDLE EAST," "LATIN AMERICA," "EUROPE," and "ASIA." Two satellites are floating above the earth, seemingly carrying telephone signals. The reverse gives instructions in English and Spanish for using the card to make a call. A scratch-off area, that has been scratched off, exposes the PIN (personal identification number) used to place the phone call. A bar code and fine print detailing the conditions of service are also present. Used by Martha Guadalupe, an employee of the Oakland Museum of California's restaurant, to make phone calls to her family in Mexico.

Used: Martha Guadalupe | Immigrant ~ Mexico

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