This nine patch quilt is hand quilted in a diagonal pattern in orchid colored thread. It is backed in white toweling with a small red stripe. The toweling has been brought around the front edges, to finish them off, and they have been done in machine stitching. There are slight borders at either end. A pieced border was created at the edges of the quilt, out of a variety of printed fabrics, two deep at the sides, and four deep at the ends. (One end was pieced with odd shaped bits of fabric, to make the proper depth for the border.) The body of the quilt is made white (probably an unbleached muslin that has bleached with washing) and a textured fabric with a tiny pink and yellow rose print.

Some interesting fabrics to note: a white background with blue nasturtiums printed on it; white cloth with lime green and orchid colored deer leaping across it, with lime green and orchid colored ribboms, all outline in wine color, with branches of wine colored leaves; various florals with blue, orchid colore, pink and white backgrounds. The edges of this quilt are not as worn as those of the other quilts in this collection. This quilt was probably not used as much as the others.

Used: Sue Carol Hayhome Emery | Bakersfield | Hemet | Los Angeles

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