Pamphlet folds into thirds. Front cover shows an African American woman smiling and holding a picture frame with a photo of two young men: an African American kissing a Latino. Both are dressed in formalwear. Text reads, "My Pride and Joy: Be a foster parent to an LGBTQ kid." First third of inside fold-out shows a woman smiling and the text, "Everyone deserves a proud parent. Children need to be part of a family. They need loving adults to care for them and guide them through life. They must have a safe place to live and all the necessities that life requires -- food, clothing, medical care and education." Second third contains the text, "All kids need love & acceptance. Sadly, many lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning (LGBTQ) youth end up alone and unwanted. Rejected by their birth families and by potential foster parents because of their sexual orientation or gender identity, these youth survive in a system that cannot adequately fulfill the role of parent or family." Third third shows the same Latino boy on the front cover, and the text, "LGBTQ youth in foster care. There are thousands of chidlren and youth in foster care in the Bay Area. A disproportionate number of these children are LGBTQ. Until recently, this group has been invisible. It's time that we, as individuals and as a community, step up to help these young people grow up to be healthy and happy adults." The third that folds in from the back to the inside reads, "Be a foster parent. We need people -- gay and straight, young and old, couples and singles -- to open their hearts and homes. Family Builders will prepare you to be a great parent to an LGBTQ youth. Your family will receive a stipend to help defray the costs, and you will be a welcomed member of our community of families, who all receive ongoing support from each other and from our highly experience clinical staff." Back of pamphlet gives the website www.familybuilders.org and the phone number 510-272-0204. Credits at the bottom read, "funding: Evelyn & Walter Hass, Jr. Fund, Morris Stulsaft Foundation, Leonard Pearlman Fund of the East Bay Community Foundation, John Burton Foundation for Homeless Children, Horizons Foundation. design: Better World Advertising [www.socialmarketing.com]." Pamphlet was obtained from a table of pamphlets at the San Francisco LGBT Community Center.

Used: San Francisco LGBT Community Center | Advertising

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