Postcard advertising for the film "Milk," about the life of Harvey Milk. Front side shows a smiling Sean Penn in character as Harvey Milk, wearing a button saying "Harvey Milk: Supervisor." Aside from Penn, the actors Emile Hirsch, Josh Brolin, Diego Luna, and James Franco are credited prominently. The bottom gives more detailed credits, including, "Written by Dustin Lance Black and Gus Van Sant," along with the tag line, "Never blend in." A blue circle next to Penn contains the text, "Celebrate the life of Harvey Milk -- go to milkthemovie.com to share your story." Back side. Text at upper left: "Send this postcard to a friend and make plans to see MILK! This highly anticipated film from Gus Van Sant, the director of GOOD WILL HUNTING, is based on the true story of American hero Harvey Milk." At the bottom are five full color images of actors in the movie, with text that includes, "NEVER BLEND IN -- IN SELECT THEATRES BEGINNING NOVEMBER 26TH." Space is left blank for the postcard to be written on and mailed. Postcard was obtained from a rack at the Piedmont Theatre in Oakland.

Used: advertising | Movie theater

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