8.5 in HIGH
(21.59 cm HIGH)
Gift of Donna Tisdale

Plastic water bottle with no cap, with a label giving the brand as "Aqua Purificada Optima" ("'Optima' Purified Water") and the text "Tip de hidratacion: Tomar Agua Optima ayuda a tu piel a verse y sentirse suave, saludable y a tu cuerpo a sentirse bien" ("Hydration tip: Drinking Optima Water helps your skin to look and feel smooth and healthy and helps your body feel good"). Other text gives information about the company and nutritional information. This artifact was found on Morning Star Ranch, a ranch in the town of Boulevard in San Diego County, two miles north of the California/Mexico border. Donna Tisdale, the owner of the ranch, retrieved this object as one of many items that people crossing the border through her ranch have left behind. In the donor file is a description of the ranch and the border crossers, as well as thoughts on immigration, written by Tisdale.

Used: immigrant ~ Mexico | California/Mexico border | San Diego Co. | Morning Star Ranch

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