Orlovsky Brothers, Robbie Robertson and Dylan, City Lights Basement, 1965
10.3125 in HIGH x 13.875 in WIDE
(26.19 cm HIGH x 35.24 cm WIDE)
Art Acquisition Fund

signed in ink, BR below image
Edition number in ink at BR below image. Ink stamp on verso, center: "LARRY KEENAN, JR. / 7101 SARONI DR. / OAKLAND, CA 94611 / (415) 339-9733"; "THIS PHOTOGRAPH / IS COPYRIGHTED. IT / MAY NOT BE REPRO- / DUCED WITHOUT / WRITTEN / AUTHORIZATION"Handwritten in ink, center verso: "8/60"; "1967-96"; "ORLOVESKY BROTHERS, ROBBIE ROBERTSON & DYLAN / CITY LIGHTS BASEMENT - 1965"
Micaëla Gallery, San Francisco, "Larry Keenan," September 6 - 30, 2006.

This is a black and white photograph of four men, from right to left: Bob Dylan, Robbie Robertson, and the Orlovsky Brothers. Dylan and Peter Orlovsky are seen in profile having a conversation. Robertson is visible between the two men wearing sunglasses and looking directly into the camera. The second Orlovsky brother appears in the foreground at left in three-quarter profile.

Micaëla Gallery printout:"CITY LIGHTS BASEMENT / San Francisco 1965 / The Orlovsky brothers, Robbie Robertson and Bob Dylan in the City Lights basement waiting to escape. The door to the basement is locked, people are trying to break it down. Dylan is here to be photographed for Blonde on Blonde with McClure and Ginsberg. Finally, we climbed out a window and ran down the alley so we could have a private session."

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