[Site Two]
12 in HIGH x 31.25 in WIDE x 21 in DEEP
(30.48 cm HIGH x 79.37 cm WIDE x 53.34 cm DEEP)
Gift of Richard Newlin

Inscribed on the short side nearest to the rectangular "box"; signature at left-hand corner: "N. Olivera 83"

This is a bronze sculpture of an abstract landscape. The base is rectangular with a textured surface. A large object that has the appearance of a bundle of sticks and abstract shapes bound together appears at center. The bundle is formed with a long "stick" that rises diagonally up from the base and is supported in the middle by a short stick on one side and a fin-shaped piece on the other. At the end of the stick near the base is an arrow shape with two-pronged pieces that jut outward almost perpendicular to the stick. A small cube appears on the base next to the fin-shaped piece. Just beyond the cube, a rectangular box with an open top is visible filled with bronze "string" and other small shapes. A long piece of "string" appears along the long side of the base nearest to the open box, and a smaller stick bungle appears on the opposite side parallel to the base edge. The piece has an overall reddish-brown patina.

From the "Sites" series

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