[Site Four]
12 in HIGH x 31 in WIDE x 20.5 in DEEP
(30.48 cm HIGH x 78.74 cm WIDE x 52.07 cm DEEP)
Gift of Richard Newlin

Inscribed along edge; in-line with flat side of triangle: "N. Olivera 83"
Written on donor crate: "N. Oliveira / Site #1" (?)

This is a bronze sculpture of an abstract landscape. The base is rectangular with a textured surface. A flat spoon-shaped object is attached perpendicularly to the base near one of the long sides. This object is located at the upper point of a triangle-shaped groove on the base. This groove surrounds a three-dimensional triangular slab with straight sides and a wavy top. A coiled spiral design appears to the right of the triangle groove on the base and leads to a roughly rectangular object in the lower right-hand corner. The tapered end of this object extends over the length of the base. Several additional "sticks" and round shapes appear over the surface of the base. The piece has an overall reddish-brown patina.

From the "Sites" series

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