[Site Five]
7 in HIGH x 41 in WIDE x 21 in DEEP
(17.78 cm HIGH x 104.14 cm WIDE x 53.34 cm DEEP)
Gift of Richard Newlin

Inscribed along edge at corner near fence-like structures: "N. Olivera 83"
Written on donor crate: "N. Oliveira / Site #5"; "Cane Site"

This is a bronze sculpture of an abstract landscape. The base is rectangular with a textured surface. A flat spoon-shaped object is attached to each long side of the base and face opposite directions. Several structures made from bronze "sticks" appear near one of the short sides of the base. One of the structures is composed of seven "sticks" leaning on a horizontal bar held up at each end by crossed supports (similar to a log fence). The second structure also has the appearance of a rail fence with rectangular "rails" attached perpendicularly to each other with "cord" and supported by a diagonal piece on one side. Bronze "string" appears on the surface of the base in several places. A flat disc with a green patina appears near the center of the base. The piece has an overall gray and cream patina with several areas of green on the side opposite the stick structures.

From the "Sites" series

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