Bug with Forked Tongue
8.5 in HIGH x 21.5 in WIDE x 8.5 in DEEP
(21.59 cm HIGH x 54.61 cm WIDE x 21.59 cm DEEP)
Gift of Mark Bulwinkle

painted on bottom of head: "RG / 85"
written in blue ballpoint pen on bottom of head: "1009"

This is a painted wooden sculpture of an abstracted bug with battery-operated movement. The bug has five pairs of legs that are attached perpendicular to a straight body. The body is painted white with red, yellow and black details. The head is a square box with protruding antenna, and a forked red tongue. The box is hinged on one side and contains the battery mechanism. The front and back pairs of legs are static and the three center pairs are connected by metal rods for movement; the pointed ends of the feet are painted red. A tree-shaped "tail" is attached on top of the body opposite the head.

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