untitled (Raphael fan brush used by Viola Frey)
late 20th century to early 21st century
11.5 in HIGH x 2 in WIDE x 0.25 in DEEP
(29.21 cm HIGH x 5.08 cm WIDE x .63 cm DEEP)
Gift of the Artists' Legacy Foundation

Stamped into handle: "12 / Raphael / 3695 / FRANCE"
Stamped into handle: "12 / Raphaユl / 3695 / FRANCE"

This is a Raphaユl brand size 12 fan brush used by Viola Frey when working with clay. The brush has white bristles and a varnished wooden handle. The top of the brush is encrusted with dried clay and smaller clay accretions appear down the handle. An adhesive tag with a barcode that is barely legible is wrapped around the bottom of the handle.

Used: Viola Frey

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