The Ford E. Samuel Travelogues
4.75 in|6.75 in HIGH x 31.125 in WIDE x 20.125 in DEEP
(12.06 cm|17.14 cm HIGH x 79.06 cm WIDE x 51.12 cm DEEP)
Gift of Graham Pilecki

This artifact came from trunk number one, marked "Ford E. Samuel Travelogues," containing a projector, lenses and all the equipment to project a slide show. It also has slides of famous sights from around the world. Artfifacts are labeled 2010.26.1.1 through 2010.26.1.256. See master record for a complete list of individual numbers. (.2) Wood tray covered in olive green linen with metal fittings along the corner edges. The interior is divided into 10 compartments originally, the owner modified the largest compartment to hold 25 glass slides thus making 11 compartments total. All the compartments are lined and padded with purple felt, the wall making the 11th compartment is lined with a maroon colored felt. One compartment was labeld in black pen with capital block letters "THICK" and another was labeled the same way with the word "THIN." These two compartments held the thick and thin condenser lenses. The tray holds glass slides 2010.26.1.44 through 2010.26.1.68 and the artifacts numbered 2010.26.1.190 through 2010.26.1.256. Underneath the tray, attached lengthwise to bottom of the tray is a large pad wrapped in purple felt and lined with blue and white stripped cloth, this served as a barrier inside the trunk between the tray and the layer below it.

This trunk and its material was used by Ford E. Samuel, who later bacame Mayor of Alameda.

Used: Ford E. Samuel

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