The Ford E. Samuel Travelogues
19.625 in HIGH x 18.75 in WIDE x 7 in DEEP
(49.85 cm HIGH x 47.62 cm WIDE x 17.78 cm DEEP)
Gift of Graham Pilecki

"McIntosh Stereopticon Co. Chicago" on projector door and viewer. "5A-250V-10V-125A, GAYNOR, UND LAB. INSP., Made in U.S.A. NO. 5203" on black plastic light switch.

This artifact came from trunk number one, marked "Ford E. Samuel Travelogues," containing a projector, lenses and all the equipment to project a slide show. It also has slides of famous sights from around the world. Artfifacts are labeled 2010.26.1.1 through 2010.26.1.256. See master record for a complete list of individual numbers. (.5) Slide projector, actucally two separate projectors that were attached to make a double projector, so two images can be projected simultaneously. The is a diamond shaped metal plate/plaque with "McIntosh Stereopticon Co. Chicago" on it on the door to the projections lamp and on the viewer part of the projector. The projections lamp (light bulb) is screwed into the top projector but not in the bottom projector. Each projector has its own electrical cord with a black plastic on/off switch that has "5A-250V-10V-125A, GAYNOR, UND LAB. INSP., Made in U.S.A. NO. 5203" on it.

This trunk and its material was used by Ford E. Samuel, who later bacame Mayor of Alameda.

Used: Ford E. Samuel

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