5.8125 in HIGH x 3.5 in WIDE
(14.76 cm HIGH x 8.89 cm WIDE)
Gift of Ladd Coates

"General Krystal Gloss, Guaranteed Forever, JAN 27 1937, Bear Photo Service" "267" "Cisco 1/24/37"

Photograph of Rosemary McIntosh, donor's mother. Rosemary is dressed in a ski outfit: trousers, jacket and cap. She is holding her skis and her ski poles on her left shoulder. A note on the back of the snapshot indicates that this image was made at "Cisco." "Genuine Krystal Gloss, Guaranteed Forever, Jan. 27, 1937, Bear Photo Service" is stamped in purple on the back of the photograph.

Rosemary McIntosh skied while she was a student at the University of California, Berkeley.

Used: souvenir

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