Livermore Weapons Lab Blockade/ Demonstration Handbook
11.75 in HIGH x 8.25 in|16.375 in WIDE
(29.84 cm HIGH x 20.95 cm|41.59 cm WIDE)
Gift of Rafael Jesus Gonzalez

One handbook, 61 pages. The book entitled "Livermore Weapons Lab Blockade/Demonstration Handbook" has a cartoon of a tree with nuclear weapons in its roots labeled and is entitled "Tree Power," signed "Claus Sievert" (last name may be wrong, it is hard to read). Under the cartoon is the header "Nonviolent Protest & Civil Disobedience," the date June 21, 1982 and the price $1.00.

Used: Livermore Action Group | Rafael Jes?s Gonz?lez

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