Anvil|Oakland Museum of California
May 1-2, 2010
21 in WIDE
(53.34 cm WIDE)
Gift of the Marketing Department, Oakland Museum of California

Oakland Museum of California Opening season 2010

This orange colored T-shirt, made of 100% cotton, has short sleeves and an "Anvil" label at the inside nape. It is a size "L" for large. Printed on the front in white letters: "Oakland Museum of California." Printed on the back, also in white, is the new logo branding the museum: "Oakland Museum of California" and printed below the new logo is "Opening Season 2010," also in white.

These T-shirts were given to each staff member and volunteer of the Oakland Museum of California to wear the week-end of May 1-2, 2010, when the Art and History Galleries were re-opened, the new Oak Street ramp was initiated, the Security entrance was in place on the 10th Street side (with a ramp) and the street address of 55 (10th Street) had been added. T-shirts varied in size. The color made it easy to spot museum staff and volunteers. The orange color is called "California Gold" and was used in re-branding the museum...signs, stationery and business cards.

Used: Oakland Museum of California

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