Young Rascals...
January 6. 7 and 8, 1967
23.75 in HIGH x 13.75 in WIDE
(60.32 cm HIGH x 34.92 cm WIDE)
Gift of Ladd Coates

1967:.Wes Wilson:.44

The poster is printed with a bright pink background, lettering and designs in purple. Printed at the top: "Presented in San Francisco by Bill Graham." Woman's head is at the top of the poster in a sea of human-shaped eyes (some positive...pink eye balls with purple eyes, and some negative, purple eye balls with pink eyes. The letter is down the proper right side of the poster in purple: Young Rascals, Sopwith Camels, The Doors, Friday and Saturday Jan. 6 and 7. On Jan. 8 our regular Sunday Dance Concert for $2, kiddies free, Filmore Auditorium. Across the bottom of the poster is a list of locations where tickets can be purchased in San Francisco, Berkeley, San Rafael, Sausalito and Menlo Park.

Used: advertising | Rock music concert

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