Build It
Gift of R. Michael MacKenzie

"BUILD IT, Minuteman Border Fence.Com," "Secure The Border"

This white cotton knit T-shirt has short sleeves and is printed in dark blue and red. The shirt has two labels at the nape of the neck indicating that it was made by "C Port and Company" in Haiti and is size "2XL" (double extra large). Across the front: "BUILD IT, Minuteman Border Fence.Com," and across the back a map of the United States (excluding Alaska and Hawaii) is printed to resemble the American flag...stars and stripes: "Secure The Border."

The Minuteman Civil Defense Corps is a group of American citizens ("America's Largest Neighborhood Watch Organization" as they have described themselves) who are concerned about the borders of the United States. The printing on this T-shirt suggests builing a fence at the border.

Used: Minuteman Civil Defense Corps | Adult ~ male

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