"Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, Operation "Secure Our Borders'"
c. 2005
Gift of R. Michael MacKenzie

Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, Operation "Secure Our Borders," MinutemanHQ.com/hq/

This knitted cotton tan colored T-shirt has a double label at the nape of the neck that indicates that it was made by "Fruit of the Loom" of "Heavy Cotton" in the United States of American and is size "L" (for large). The same words and image is printed on the front and on the back of the shirt. In a delicate black line rendering is pictured a American Revolutionary War Minuteman (with three corner hat, etc.) holding a cell phone in his proper right hand and binoculars (or field glasses) in his proper left hand. Printed in blue, above the image: "Minuteman Civil Defense Corps" and in blue below the image "Operation 'Secure Our Borders'," with "MinutemanHQ.com/hq/"printed in black below that.

The Minuteman Civil Defense Corps is a group of American citizens ("America's Largest Neighborhood Watch Organization" as they have described themselves) who are concerned about the borders of the United States.

Used: Minuteman Civil Defense Corps | Adult ~ male

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