Join, Minuteman Civil Defense Corps
33.75 in HIGH x 95.5 in WIDE
(85.72 cm HIGH x 242.57 cm WIDE)
Gift of R. Michael MacKenzie

Join, Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, MinutemanHQ.com/California

This banner is made of white plastic, the back surface of which has a linen-like texture. It has 5 yellow metal grommets along the top edge, and 5 along the bottom edge. On the proper right side, printed in black, is the image of an American Revolutionary War "Minuteman," wearing his 3-cornered hat, period clothing, with a gun strap slung across his shoulder; however, he also carries a cell phone and a pair of field glasses (or binoculars). "Join" at the top of the banner is printed in blue. "Minuteman Civil Defense Corps" is printed in black. At the bottom, printed in red: "MinutemanHQ.com/California". Stitched to the proper right back edge of the banner is a tag with the name, address and telephone number of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps of Northern California Director on November 16, 2006. "[email protected]. Beneath that is a handwritten name of another person, to who the banner must be returned.

The Minuteman Civil Defense Corps is an organization of American citizens (America's largest neighborhood watch organization as they have described themselves) who are concerned about the borders of the United States.

Used: Minuteman Civil Defense Corps

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