c. 2006
Gift of R. Michael MacKenzie

J. Riggings, Sportswear, Est. 1969.

This short sleeved, knitted cotton polo styled shirt has a white yoke and sleeves. The body of the shirt is made of veritcally pieced strips of red and white. Horizontally, beneath the yoke, is a navy blue band, printed with a row of white stars. The center front fastens with two buttons. The collar folds over and is of a slightly larger knit. The bands at the end of each sleeve are also of a slightly larger knit. The size is M/M (medium).

The Minuteman Civil Defense Corps is an organization of American citizens (America's largest neighborhood watch organization as they have described themselves_ who are concerned about the borders of the United States.

Used: adult ~ male | Minuteman Civil Defense Corps

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