Folding card. Front shows a drawing of a human figure, waste up, but with the U.S. Capitol dome as a head, pointing to the website www.NumbersUSA.com. Text below says, "Click and act to stop out of control immigration, sprawl and congestion," "Fax Congress for Free," and, "Congressional Immigration Voting Records." Inside shows a graph labeled "U.S. Population Growth Since 1970," with additional text "Census Bureau projects this U.S. population growth if immigration and fertility rates remain similar to today's." The graph contrasts "Growth from IMMIGRATION" with "Growth from AMERICANS already here in 1970," going up to the year 2050. Back shows numbers representing various statistics relating to U.S. population growth, illegal immigrants, legal immigrants, and foreign-born individuals.

From the NumbersUSA website (www.NumbersUSA.com): NumbersUSA Action is a non-profit, non-partisan, public policy organization that favors an environmentally sustainable and economically just America. It opposes efforts to use federal immigration policies to force mass U.S. population growth and to depress wages of vulnerable workers. NumbersUSA Action is pro-environment, pro-worker, pro-liberty and pro-immigrant. Activists in the NumbersUSA Action network are Americans of all races and include many immigrants and the spouses, children and parents of immigrants. Those who need to refer to NumbersUSA Action with a short, descriptive modifier should call it an "immigration-reduction organization."

Used: NumbersUSA Action | Minuteman Civil Defense Corps

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