Redskin Brand, Washington Navels
11 in HIGH x 11 in WIDE
(27.94 cm HIGH x 27.94 cm WIDE)
Gift of Rosemary Garmand

Western Lito Co., Los Angeles, Cal.222
Washington Navels, Redskin Brand, Rialto Orange Co., Rialto, San Bernardino Co.

This full color, lithographed fruit crate label featured two large oranges at the proper left side of the image. "Redskin Oranges" is printed on a circle, centered by the profile image of a Native American Indian man on one of the two oranges. There are white orange blossoms and green leaves above and below the two oranges. "Redskin Brand" appears in yellow letters on a blue band near the top of the label. On the proper right side of the label is the image of a Native American Indian man dressed in Plains Indians style buckskin leggings, no shirt, and a full feathered "war' bonnet. He is cooking what appears to be a fish ofver a small camp fire. Behind him are hills and trees with a small lake, and a canoe. Printed in red across the bottom: "Rialto Orange Co., Rialto," and in blue: "San Bernardino Co., Cal." There is a narrow green border running all around the label. In a small yellow box, at the top of the label, "Washington Navels" is printed in blue.

Used: advertising ~ orange | Packaging ~ orange

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