Pokey and Rusty
Gift of the artist

frame and mat
in pencil, on mat, lower right corner below window - "Peter Vincent"
"Red Hot Rods by Vern Tardel: Photographs by Peter Vincent and David Perry" - SFMOMA Artist's gallery, Fort Mason San Francisco Nov. 6 - Dec. 20, 2002

Per PL: The photograph depits a 1934 Ford 4-door sedan hot rod in an early stage of fabrication in the Santa Rosa shop of Vern Tardel. Pokey is the black and whtie dog, very old, who has been the shop watchdog for many years. Rusty is a young Pit Bull, very gentle, that had only recently found a home in the Tardel shop after having been abandoned by his owner on the country road facing the shop. The shop is widely known by hot rod enthusiasts as being "old school," very atmospheric. This is a photograph of a car in a mechanics garage. Rusty and Pokey are presumably the 2 dogs lying on the ground in the garage. The garage walls are covered in old signs. There is a skylight in the garage. Per PL: The work belongs with a larger body of OMCA works pertaining to California's car culture. The companion photo: Vern Tardel at Bonneville is a portrait; this photograph is a still life. The scene is converted barn with open beams, skylights and an array of automotive signs hung at various angles. The concrete floors are covered with salvaged carpets, with are stained with oil, paint and brake fluid, but are beneficial as much work on the cars is done while kneeling, and the carpets retain some heat in winter.

printed on AGFA paper

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