Jerico '98
18.00 in HIGH x 24.00 in WIDE
(45.72 cm HIGH x 60.96 cm WIDE)
All Of Us Or None Archive. Gift of the Rossman Family.

Bottom of top image: "Acrylic on canvas 6'x19 "On The Move" Revolutionary Collaborators: Lucha, Tito, Ariel, Eric, Martin, and Scrypt". | Bottom of lower image: "Acrylic on canvas 6'x16 "Indigenous Sovereignty" Revolutionary Collaboration: Martin Travers, Eric Norberg, and Ariel Shepard". | Bottom left corner: "Phot: Trent Gaylord, Billy Cumming. / Layout: Cory Shaw, Ariel Shepard, Kris Rodrigez. / Printing Donated by Inkworks Press, a worker owned / collective. Berkeley, California / "Recycle" symbol "Allied Printing Union Label" / Inkworks 147 / "On The Rise / Revolutionary Collaborative" logo". | Bottom center: "Jericho '98 is a national grassroots coalition campaign working toward amnesty and freedom for all U.S. political prisoners and prisoners of war. For more information on Jericho contact the national office at (212) 330-8362 P.O. Box 650, New York, NY, 1009, or the west coast regional office at (510) 667-9333 / P.O. Box 3585 Oakland, Ca 94604; email: [email protected]; website; Http://jericho98:togdog.com. Both paintings created by On The Rise; revolutionary collaborators creating revolutionary collaborations. Contact us at email; slopshopAlmi.com, call: (510) 428-2773, 1201 55th St. Oakland, Ca., 94608". | Bottom right corner: "Special thanks to; Kris Rodrigez and Inkworks; Muhjah / Shakir, Kirston Thomas and the bay area Jericho '98 / organizing commitee; Atiel shepard, Martin Travers and / Eric Norberg and On The Rise; Trent Gaylord, Billy / Cummings, and the Photography department at Laney / College; and Cory Shaw".

Poster is printed on white paper. Poster has a white background wioth gray text of individual names. At the top of the poster is red text that reads: "Jericho '98". Below this text is an image of a protest scene. At the top left of the image is yellow text that reads: "Revolution is not a word but an application; it / is not war ut peace; it does not weaken, but / strengthens. revolutionn does not cause separa- / tion, it generates togethrness.". Below the top image is orange text that reads: "Amnesty And Freedom For All / U.S. Political Prisoners And Prisoners Of War". Below this text is a second image, which is a collage of Indian imagery including an eagle and buffalo and a portrait of Leonard Peltier. At the top of the image is brown text that reads: "Support Native American / Sovereignty". Below this image is orange text that reads: "HIstoric March On Washington Dc, March 27, 1998".
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