Akicita Okolakiciye
c. 1993
21.88 in HIGH x 19.56 in WIDE
(55.56 cm HIGH x 49.69 cm WIDE)
All Of Us Or None Archive. Gift of the Rossman Family.

In red print along the top of the military ribbon bars in the image, under the POW logo is "M. Red Bear - 93 - Lakota (c)."

Poster consists of a full color image in a black square with black text on white paper. The image depicts a circle with a rifle down the center of it with the American flag to the left of the rifle and the Prisoners of War logo, Military ribbon bars and the Lakota Medicine Wheel on it. The circle has patches from various branches of the military and four feathers hanging offof the bottom of it. On the left and right side of the circle is a drawing of an American Indian man on a hourse running out of the circle and along the top of the circle is a drawing of a bear and eagle. The circle is in the center of two other circles with yellow an pink and white rays shooting out of them. Text along the bottom reads "Akicita Okolakiciye / Wolakota and Peace / "June 25, 1994" / Akicita Waste Okolakiciye." Akicita is Lakota for military, Waste is Lakota for like/love, and Okolakiciye is Lakota for organization/brotherhood.
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