Peace and Dignity Journeys 1992
c. 1992
26.50 in HIGH x 19.75 in WIDE
(67.31 cm HIGH x 50.17 cm WIDE)
All Of Us Or None Archive. Gift of the Rossman Family.

In the bottom right corner or the image is ""Tiahui" / Tekpankalli / A__lis Riz 1990."

Poster consists of a full color image with white text against a wine colored background. The poster depicts images from the indigenous cultures of Alaska, Mexico and Argentina. In the center is a North American Indian man's head with a grassy mountain body on which a tipi stands and four Latin American Indian men run across. On either side of the central image is a rectangular column/border with a bowl of fire held in the palm of a claw on one end and a human head inside a bird head at the other end with an image of a statue, a musical instrument and an animal. Around the whole image is a border that is two-thirds human footprints and one-third a geometric design. Text reads "Peace and Dignity Journeys 1992 / April 1992 / Dual Start Relay Run / Alaska --> Mexico <--? Argentina / Oct. 12, 1992."
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