Tha Shein Ukrosh
Late 20th - Early 21st Century
16.50 in HIGH x 13.75 in WIDE
(41.91 cm HIGH x 34.92 cm WIDE)
All Of Us Or None Archive. Gift of the Rossman Family.

Poster depicts an illustration of a woman with a gray and red coat. She appears to be crying. She is set against a green backround that has repeating dates such as: "1847" and "1848". Left side of poster has: "Tha Shein Ukrosh / Indeed The Hunger / Eye witness accounts of / conditions were horrifying. / Thousands of children were / inside hovels, in towns and / along the roads; they just / stared no longer crying or / speaking. Suffering greatly / from the famine were Irish / children; as they lay dying / their last words were / "Tha Shein Ukrosh". / Paddy's Lament" printed in green against a purple background. This is followed by more information.
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