Chinese Lunar Year 4678 Monkey 1980
22.88 in HIGH x 17.38 in WIDE
(58.10 cm HIGH x 44.13 cm WIDE)
All Of Us Or None Archive. Gift of the Rossman Family.

Bototm edge left has text in red: "A Design Series Poster". Bottom edge right has: "(c) 1980 Artist: Bill Chow / 559 Pacific Avenue / San Francisco, CA 94133".

Poster is printed in red and black on yellow paper. The top edge of the poster has text in red and black at left: "Chinese Lunar Year / 4678", at center: "Monkey", and at right: "1908 1944 1980 2016 / 1920 1956 1992 2028 / 1932 1968 2004 2040 / 1980". The Bottom of the poster has a large stylized drawing of a monkey, with outstretched arms. The monkey's torso is red and has two ideograms in yellow. To the left of the monkey is text in black describing the characteristics of those born in the year of the monkey".
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