The Emancipation of the Workers Must be an Act of the Working Class Itself
19.75 in HIGH x 29.5 in WIDE
(50.16 cm HIGH x 74.93 cm WIDE)
All Of Us Or None Archive. Gift of the Rossman Family.

Top edge of the poster has text in red: "The Emancipation of the Workers Must be an Act of the Working Class Itself Marx". Poster has a large photograph of a group of men in work clothes and hardhats. Two figures stand in the foreground with their hands on their hips. The right side of the poster has a smaller image of a large group of people outside a building with a sign that reads: "Crewe Labour Party / Workers / of the World / Unite". The image has the caption: "Railway workers at Crewe stage a mass demonstration in support of the strike 1926". Below the image is a black space with the red text: " 'All wheels stand still, if your mighty / arm wills it' . And so it is in reality: / the factories, the landlords' land, / the machines, the railways etc., are / all like wheels in a giant machine- / the machine that extracts various / products, processes them, and / delivers them to their destination. / The whole of this machine is set in /motion by the worker who tills the / soil, extracts ores, makes commod- / ities in the factories, builds houses, / workshops, and railways. When the / workers refuse to work, the entire / machine threatens to stop. Every / strike reminds the capitalists that it / is the workers and not they who are / the real masters. / Lenin, On Strikes".
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