The Commune's Fish Pond (Chinese Version)
20.5 in HIGH x 30 in WIDE
(52.07 cm HIGH x 76.20 cm WIDE)
All Of Us Or None Archive. Gift of the Rossman Family.

Lower right corner has asian characters and arabic numerals.

The poster has a white border. Poster has a drawing of people in blue overalls and colorful shirts pulling in a net full of fish. At left seven Asian men and women are knee deep in a pond pulling on the end of a net that is full of fish. Moving right the net the net bulges with blue, gray ,white, and orange fish of varying sizes, still more fish are swimming towards the net from the top of the image. The line of the net bends back up to the top right corner of the poster where there are several more Asian people pulling on that end of the net. The background of the image is created by the water of the pond, it starts light blue at top, goes to a darker blue in the middle, and is green from the depiction of plants at the bottom. The bottom edge of the poster has text in red Asian characters. Another version of this poster, with slightly different image and text in English, Fench and German, was produced for export. [LMC]
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