Will they turn you on or will they turn on you?
28 in HIGH x 21.75 in WIDE
(71.12 cm HIGH x 55.24 cm WIDE)
All Of Us Or None Archive. Gift of the Rossman Family.

Bottom left edge has " Department of Health, education, and Welfare Public Health Services and mental health administration." Bottom center edge has "This poster and facts about drug abuse are available free from The National Institute of Mental Health, PO. Box 1080 Washington D.C. 20013." Bottom right in center image has "WB" printed in pink.This poster is an effort by a federal agency to mimic the psychedelic style of counterculture poster art in order to reach their target audience. [LMC]

Poster has a black background with green text and an orange and pink swirl pattern. In the center is a large question mark shape with neon orange and pink swirls. At the bottom is an orange circle with black text that reads, "Will they turn you on or will they turn on you?" Around the edge are neon green wods like, acid, bennies, smack, grass, meth, speed, barbituates, LSD, mary jane, and hasishpot.
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