I Take One Everywhere I Take My Penis!!
31.75 in HIGH x 23 in WIDE
(80.64 cm HIGH x 58.42 cm WIDE)
All Of Us Or None Archive. Gift of the Rossman Family.

Right edge has: "Design by Art Chantry".

Poster has a yellow and green background. Top of poster has text: "If You Can Say 'Condom' in English... / You know how to say / 'Condom' / in French, Italian AND Spanish!!".Top right corner of poster has a drawing of a cartoon condom with eyes, nose, mouth, arms, and legs. The cartoon condom is smiling and has its arm around a white circle with the text: "It's /Still / A / Blast" with an image of a rocket. The cartoon has the caption: "Willie / Wearacondom / sex:". The upper left side of the poster has a vertical black arrow that contains the text: "Note ! / Never / Use A Condom / With... / Vaseline / Crisco / Cool Whip / Sandpaper / Hand Lotion / Motor Oil / Suntan Lotion / Baby Oil / Butter / Condoms / protect / against: / AIDS / Herpes / Syphilis / Gonorrhea / Genital Warts / Chlamydia / Avoid / the / Cavity Creeps!". Upper right side of poster has the text: "Condoms / Are... / Equally effective both Day / or Night! / Easy to coordinate with / Any wardrobe! / Dramatically Improved / since your parents use them / (if they had sex, that is)!!! / Now available Over The / Counter in 50 States, / Puerto Rico and Cleveland!! / An Equal-Opportunity / prophylactic (available / any size, color or flavor)!".The center of the poster has a large image of a male face, and a hand holding a condom with the text: " 'I take one / everywhere / I take my / Penis!!' ". Below is a green rectangle that contains three smaller white rectangles and the text: "The Pleasure Graph / Sex Without a Condom / Sex With a Condom /Genital Wart Removal". The bottom of the poster has the text: "Believe / It!!!... / Every day Someone Successfully Uses A / Condom Under The Influence of Alcohol. / 250,000 Times Cheaper!! / ...Than the Average Child!". Lower right corner has: "Warning! / Objects In / Condoms May / Appear Larger / Than They / Actually Are!" and "Did You Know? / 4 out of 4 persons prefer / condoms to herpes! / 3 out of 4 dentists surveyed / recommended sugarless gum / for their patients who use / condoms! / Condoms / They Go Where You Go". Verso has a small sticker in lower right corner that explains that the poster was made for Seattle-King county as an educational tool.
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