Life in The Occupied Territories...of America
26.1 in HIGH x 13.9 in WIDE
(66.29 cm HIGH x 35.31 cm WIDE)
All Of Us Or None Archive. Gift of the Rossman Family.

Center left edge has small, red text reading "Baldock/93".

This poster has a 1-inch white margin at the top and a 2-inch white margin at the bottom. The printed area features a red, beige, and black image of "Ward / Churchhill", who has long hair and is wearing glasses. There is a circular "American Indian Movement / (AIM)" symbol with a face and hand holding up two fingers below Churchill. The upper portion of the page is filled with a red, green, and beige geometric design. Black text in that area reads "Life in The / Occupied Territories / of America / Indigenous Resistance to Genocide & Ecocide". The bottom right corner of the printed area contains a beige box with a green border. Black text in that box describes Churchill as "Creek/Cherokee Metis / American Indian Movement / Colorado Coordinator / author: / Fantasies of the Master Race / Struggle for the Land / Agents of Repression". The date, time, and "M.L. King Jr. / Junior High School" location are listed below. "Benefit: KPFA & A.I.M. / tickets $10 / Black Oak, Cody''s, Diesel / Modern Times, Walden Pond" as well as a number for information appears at the bottom. |
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