Nookee La-Ka-Da!
26 in HIGH x 18.15 in WIDE
(66.04 cm HIGH x 46.1 cm WIDE)
All Of Us Or None Archive. Gift of the Rossman Family.

Bottom left corner has small, black text reading "''Nookee Lakada'' (The Rope, Cut It Off!!)". Bottom right corner has "October Council Fund".

This poster is composed of a multi-colored illustration of a person and an eagle with a natural landscape in the background. The person has long, black hair streaming out towards the right edge of the poster. The person has an American flag wrapped around their arm and the eagle holds an obsidian blade in its claws. There is a tree encircled by fish floating above the person''s head. There is a snow-capped mountain to the left and a river to the right. The top border is composed of red balls and the side borders are fish swimming over rocks. The bottom half of the page is filled with multi-colored dots that form a pattern and text. Large, red text reads "Nookee / La-Ka-Da!" It continues below in blue with "An Honoring Of Sovereignty". Large, yellow and red text below that reads "The Full Moon Of October / 1984 / Sam Wolfin Springs, Pit River Nation". |
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