27.75 in HIGH x 18.75 in WIDE
(70.48 cm HIGH x 47.62 cm WIDE)
All Of Us Or None Archive. Gift of the Rossman Family.

Lakota Communications address and phone number centered at the bottom in black ink.

Poster has large red text along the top reading "KILI FM Radio" followed by an abstract image of three figures riding horses and holding spears in a line. An inverted version of the image is below the original in slightly different polychromatic shades. Centered below the image is black script text reading "the Lakota people mastered the horse to survive; today we are mastering the airwaves and riding them to a better future for all Lakota people". At the bottom of the poster is a calendar, each month with its Lakota name and separated into three rows of four columns. To the left of the calendar in vertical blue script text is the year 1991 and to the right is a list of radio stations and locations in red and black, respectively. In a yellow bar at the bottom of the poster is blue text reading "The Voice Of The Lakota Nation". |
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