American Indian Religious Freedom
26.875 in HIGH x 18.375 in WIDE
(68.26 cm HIGH x 46.67 cm WIDE)
All Of Us Or None Archive. Gift of the Rossman Family.

"photo by Avinash Pandey Prayer given by and offered to the Great Spirit Design and art by Hal BrightCloud Printed by Inkworks Press, Berkeley" followed by the Allied Printing/Inkworks logo all in black along the bottom of the poster.

Poster shows a North American Indian man with a feather in his hair holding a peace pipe in a collage of images including an eagle flying in front of the sun, a + shaped graphic, a river with two bears catching fish, and a snowy landscape with buffalos grazing. A prayer to the Great Spirit is printed in black ink over the scene with the buffalos at the top right of the poster. The image ins enclosed by a white border and placed in a black rectangle. Below the image within the black rectangle is white text reading "American Indian Religious Freedom" enclosed by blue lines above and below, followed by white italics reading "Lifeblood Of Cultural Survival". The black rectangle is enclosed by a white and blue border. The rest of the poster background is white. Below the rectangle is black italicized text reading "2nd annual American Indian Lecture Series University of California at Berkeley October 10 & 11, 1989 Sponsored by Native American Studies and the American Indian Student Association". |
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