On Strike
19.625 HIGH x 13.75 WIDE
(49.85 HIGH x 34.92 WIDE)
All Of Us Or None Archive. Gift of the Rossman Family.

Bottom right corner: ""Allied Printing Union Label" logo 147".

Poster is printed on white paper. Poster is a notice of a strike. At the top of the poster is blue text that reads: "United For A Fair Contract". Under this text are three circular emblems for different labor unions. The top left emblem is red and white and reads: "Service Employees Union / AFL-CIO" around the edge. In the center reads: "SEIU / Local / 790". The top right emblem in blue and white and has an image of a BART train and cityscape, that reads: "Bay Area Rapid Transit District / Local /  3993 /  AFSCME". The third, bottom emblem is blue, white and red. It has a blue circle with an flag for the United States of America on the left and a Canadian flag on the right. Between the two flags is text that reads: "Advancement / Through / Unity". In the blue circle is an image of a bus and rail car. Along the edge is text that reads: "Amalgamated / Transit Union". Across the center of the circle is text that reads: "Freedom Through Organization". At the bottom edge of the emblem reads: "Organized Sept. 15 1891". Under the emblems is blue text that reads: "SEIU 790 ATU 1555 AFSCME 3993 / On / Strike".

Collector's mark on back: "Junk 3/99".

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