untitled (sketch man)
18.75 in HIGH x 14.125 in WIDE
(47.62 cm HIGH x 35.88 cm WIDE)
All Of Us Or None Archive. Gift of the Rossman Family.

Bottom left: "Watsonville, Ca / Pichet Line / 1-22-87 12:30pm". | Bottom right: (c) 987 and (text cut off)".

Poster is screen printed on cream colored paper. The image is a young man wearing a coat. Along the top and down the right side of the poster is text that reads: At the bottom of the poster reads:"Beacuse we''re Mexicano they treat / us like . . .(illegible text). . .The strike is not / just for us / we''ve lost so / much / now it''s a question / of dignity there''s / no way we can / go back for all / the other / caneries. / The majority / of us / are women / and part of / the struggle / is with our / husbands. Do / that we can / participate. / I worked at Watsonville / Canning 11 years./ My husband says / Why do you keep / coming to the picket line / I say it''s for our dignity / I''ll keep coming back / till it ends. At the bottom of the poster reads:"Giullermenia(?) Roascan"
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