Mr. Consumer
circa 1911
25 in HIGH x 19 in WIDE
(63.5 cm HIGH x 48.26 cm WIDE)
All Of Us Or None Archive. Gift of the Rossman Family.

"D-9" printed in black ink at the bottom left. Black ink stamp with name and address of the National Industrial Conservation Movement centered at the bottom. "361" handwritten vertically in pencil on verso bottom left corner.

Poster has black and white images and black text enclosed by a border of one thin and one thick black line, respectively, printed on white paper. Images set at the middle of the poster and depict (at left) a gun labeled "unwise legislature" shooting at the feet of a man labeled "general business" while a "legislator" plays the fiddle in the background and (at right) a man behind a bar labeled "high price$" looking over the counter through a magnifying glass at a very small man labeled "you". Above the image is the text "Mr. Consumer:- When Legislation Makes Business Dance", between the two images is the word "You" and below the images is the text "Have To Pay The Fiddler".

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