Paris 1871: China 1977
23.25 in HIGH x 24.5 in WIDE
(59.05 cm HIGH x 62.23 cm WIDE)
All Of Us Or None Archive. Gift of the Rossman Family.

Right edge has "Red Pepper Posters PO Box 29051 San Francisco CA Shen-Wu-Lein document published by News and Letters in Detroit 1977."

Poster has a vertical black bar on the left with white text. On the right is a light blue image of fighting in the background with brown and black outlined figutes over. The top right corner has "Paris 1871" printed in black and the bottom left corner has "China 1977" printed in white. The top has text that reads, "A revolutionary opposition movement emerged in China in 1968. One part of this movement, Shen-Wu-Lein, is made up of more than twenty organizations. The movement has expressed itself in uprisings in twelve of China's twenty-nine provinces. Shen-Wu-Lein states that this experiences is the program for great revolution in China in which one cless will overthrow the new bureaucratic bourgeoisies and establish the People's Commune of China: a new free society, like the Paris Commune of 1871." The text is repeated in Spanish and Chinese below.
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