"Whales? Oh, no, man. No whales aroun' here." (Greenpeace save the whales)
27 in. HIGH x 22 in. WIDE
All Of Us Or None Archive. Gift of the Rossman Family.

Bottom right corner has "Las Gasp P.O. Box 212 Berkeley, California 94701." Bottom left of the drawing has "Rand 1975" printed in dark turquoise.

Poster has a drawing of a large whale in the center with part of its back being used as an island. On the island are several people lounging, a Hula dancer and two crossed palm trees. On the right of the island is a small boat with Greenpeace on its helm. On the left is a large ship with spear guns attached. The man lounging on the island has a speech bubble with "Whales? ... Oh no man... No whales aroun' here" printed in it.

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