Save Our Park
17 in HIGH x 11 in WIDE
(43.18 cm HIGH x 27.94 cm WIDE)
All Of Us Or None Archive. Gift of the Rossman Family.

Bottom left: "Make checks payable to Community Defense, / Inc. Call 644-2606 or come by 3126 Martin Luther / King Jr. Way.". | Bottom right: "Oet Owners. . . / Make History! / Bring Your Cats To People''s / Park And Let Them Do Their / Bussiness In The / Workd''s Most / Expensive / Litter Box!!". | Bottom right corner: "We''ve Put Up With The University''s Crap For / Far Too Long. / UC: Eat Shit ANd Die. / Saturday, Aug. 10th, People''s Park / all animals welcome, Be Creative. / May The Shiotting Begin!!". | Bottom left corner: comic strip of a man protesting and a police officer.

Poster is printed on white paper. Poster is a notice for a protest in People''s Park, Berkeley, CA. At the top of the poster in bubble letter with designs reads: "Please Help Us / SAve Our Park". On the left side is black bubble letters that reads: "Saturday / August 10th / Please / Be / There". On the left side of the poster is a smiley face and peace sign and black and white bubble letters that reads: "Peaceful". In the Center of the poster is a block of black text that reads: "People''s Park / Julia Vinograd / Our blood planted this place. / It''s ours. / If they bulldoze People''s Park / the blades of grass will fly like knives. / The torn rosebushes will scfeam like mandrake root, / and red fired will start in each red petal, / in every garbage can and every star. / The big floppy sunflowers will throw stones, / and the ants climbing their thick green stalks / will trow stones, / and the out of season tomato patch / will thrw stones and unripe bottles. / The old clothes in the free box / will leap in the cops faces and blind them; / mismatched shoes will throw themselves / into the bulldozer''s gears. / The volume control they''ve imposed on our concerts / for 20 years / will go all the way out of control / and the sound will shatter glass all over town. / The revolutionary corn garden / will build hand grenades / out of disected shopping carts, orange peels / and nightrain. / Trees will walk at night clubbing in cop cars, / and sending out their birds / to splatter the heads of officials / just as they get on t.v. / with their rational explanations. / I don''t know what we''ll do. / I don''t know what I''ll do. / I''m a pacifist. / But if they bulldoze people''s Park / our blood will rise out of the earth / and bloom".

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